Five reasons you should select Life Patterns

for your Financial Management Services...............

  1. EXPERIENCE:  Started in 1993, Life Patterns was one of the first payroll agents in Kansas
  2. KNOWLEDGE:  We network at the state & federal level to keep informed of State of the Art FMS Services
  3. UNDERSTANDING:  When things get confusing to you, we take the time to explain and walk you through
  4. TIMELY INFORMATION:  Our monthly newsletter keeps you informed as changes and challenges happen.  We are members of the NCPDS (National Center for Participant Directed Services).
  5. FUTURE PLANNING:  Our knowledge of Kansas HCBS Services (including Limited Licenses) can help you brainstorm as you look to the future 



Life Patterns, Inc. provides Financial Management Services (FMS) for individuals with a disability who self-direct their services through Home & Community Based Services waivers in the state of Kansas. We provide payroll management, Medicaid billing services, and information and assistance to individuals receiving these services and people who care about them. We offer personalized consultation to insure that the individual with a disability and his/her representative feel confident in their role as an employer of Direct Support Workers.

We offer the following services:

Financial Management Services (FMS):

  • Intellectual/Developmental Disability (IDD)
  • Physical Disability (PD)
  • Technology Assisted (TA)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Value-Added Benefits through your Managed Care Organization (i.e. Amerigroup, Sunflower State Health, or United HealthCare)

Limited License Assistance

  • Applying for and managing your license
  • Medicaid billing and payroll processing
  • Consultations and technical assistance