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COVID-19 Exceptions

Please click the link below to see the exceptions granted by the State of Kansas during this pandemic:​ 

  - Covid-19 Exception Notice

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Introducing the AuthentiCare 2.0 Mobile App!!

With the approval of the employer, workers have the option to clock in/out using their own mobile device with the AuthentiCare 2.0 mobile app!

More information about the app and its features can be found in our Newsletters.

If you're interested, please click HERE to get started.

COVID-19 (coronavirus)

It’s flu and cold season and now we have the added concern of the coronavirus and Life Patterns is taking this virus very seriously. We understand that the individuals we serve could be vulnerable to this particular virus and you and your employees are important to us! With that in mind, please be assured that we are working on a plan to ensure that your services will continue and your employees will be paid accordingly. While we do not anticipate temporarily closing our offices, we are prepared to do so if the situation dictates to ensure that our office employees remain safe and healthy. Below are some things that could happen if we have to activate our business continuity plan:

  • We ask that you limit your trips to our offices. If you need to come in, please us the sanitizer at the front doors. We also have mail drops that you can drop off any paperwork – we won’t like it but we won’t think you’re being rude.
  • We might have to close our offices for a short period – several of the Life Patterns’ staff have the ability to work from home. If we have to temporarily close the office we do not anticipate any disruption in service.
  • Background check processing could be delayed, we will continue to process but if the situation changes we may have to decrease the days that they are processed.

What YOU can do:


  •  Wash your hands regularly.
  •  Ensure that your employees and everyone you come into contact with washes their hands regularly when they are with you – 20 seconds.
  •  Have a backup plan in case your employees are showing symptoms – you don’t want them to come to work
  •  Sadly, limit hugs and handshakes – we’ll get them back someday but for now let’s be cautious.

-Ensure that your employees use the AuthentiCare system – be vigilant, this is absolutely the best way to ensure they get paid timely. MANUAL TIME CHANGES COULD BE DELAYED.
-Communicate with Life Patterns electronically or through mail – limit your visits to Life Patterns. We love seeing you but it is more important to be healthy!

Finally – if the worst case happens, please be patient with us and know that we are working very hard to ensure the best services for you, the process could be slower but we will work it out! We will continue to keep you updated. 

Thank you and STAY SAFE,
Jon and Shannon


Life Patterns, Inc. provides Financial Management Services (FMS) for individuals with a disability who self-direct their services through Home & Community Based Services waivers in the state of Kansas.

We provide payroll management, medicaid billing services, and information and assistance to individuals receiving these services and people who care about them.

We offer personalized consultation to insure that the individual with a disability and his/her representative feel confident in their role as an employer of Direct Support Workers.


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