We hope this podcast will be a good source of information & inspiration for our families! Please let us know if there is a specific topic you would like covered on the podcast in the future!

Podcast 1:

The latest:

08/13/2020 - Introducing our new Life Patterns Podcast! This inaugural “episode” features Patty Gerdel, co-founder of Life Patterns, Inc, and author of an upcoming booklet designed to assist and guide parents and family members of those self-directing on the IDD waiver in Kansas.

  • Exploring Special Olympics Kansas33:40

Podcast 4:

Life Patterns, Inc. provides Financial Management Services (FMS) for individuals with a disability who self-direct their services through Home & Community Based Services waivers in the state of Kansas.

We provide payroll management, medicaid billing services, and information and assistance to individuals receiving these services and people who care about them.

We offer personalized consultation to insure that the individual with a disability and his/her representative feel confident in their role as an employer of Direct Support Workers.


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  • An interview with Patty Gerdel24:11

  • The Scoop on The Golden Scoop28:12


Podcast 2:

06/18/2021 - Kansas State Treasurer Lynn Rogers joins today to discuss the Kansas ABLE Savings Program, which allows those receiving disability assistance to save money without if affecting their SSI eligibility. This could be a game-changer, folks!

​Website: https://www.kansascash.ks.gov

Podcast 3:

  • JAAA22:04

10/12/2020 - Our second podcast introduces four key members of the Special Olympics Kansas team; Tyler Griswold, John Lair, Taylor Obersteadt, & Jesse Lyle. Listen to find out what you DIDN’T know about this versatile organization!

Website: https://ksso.org/

  • ABLE Program16:43

05/11/2021 - Do you have a loved one who is getting up there? Or are you becoming a senior yourself? Listen to this podcast with Susan Harris, Executive Director of the Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging to discover services available to you!

​Website: http://www.jhawkaaa.org


11/30/2020 - This podcast hosts the founders of The Golden Scoop, an ice cream shop opening soon that “changes lives, one scoop at a time”- employing folks in the developmental disability community. What a treat!

​Website: https://thegoldenscoop.org/