Once cleared by Life Patterns and your MCO to receive services, 

you may hire worker(s) by having them APPLY HERE.

Then please CLICK HERE to  learn how to clock in & out, time corrections and about Authenticare.

FIRST STEP to RECEIVE SERVICES from LIFE PATTERNS....filling out and returning the application forms below:

*** The 5 forms below are the next step for a Family/Individual that would like Life Patterns, Inc to provide Financial Management Service for them.

                    Click on each underlined form, print and complete.

​*** All of the following forms must be completed correctly and submitted to the Life Patterns, Inc. office. Jon Gerdel or/and Teri Goodrich like to meet with each Individual/Family

     at some point during the application process. 


*** Completed forms can be mailed, faxed or hand delivered. If faxing...DO NOT fax the I-9 form. We MUST have the original form