“Services and Authorizations” (big blue box on the left of the homepage)-this is where you can find how many hours
the individual receiving services has left each month.

-In the “Authorization Start” field, enter the first day of the month in concern.

-Click “Go!”

-The next screen that pops up always has the dates all mixed up! Click “Effective Dates” to put them in order.

-There will be two things that will pop up for that month. The one with “Units Remaining” next to it will be what
you want to look at. Remember: each unit is worth 15 minutes, so you’ll take the number of units, divide by 4,
and you’ll have the hours remaining.

-“Claims” (big blue box on the right of the homepage)- this is where you can view the times worked with the individual
receiving services.

-In the “Claim Start” and “Claim End” fields, fill in the dates that you’d like to view times worked within.

-Click “Go!”

-On the next screen, once again, to put the dates in proper order, click “Date Range” at the top.

-To view a time worked (a “claim”), click on the long, bold number under “ID.”

-To quickly view the claims, float your mouse over the icons under “Information.”

-You may see any number of seemingly random things under “status” and “critical exceptions.” Don’t worry
about these- we will notify you if there’s something that needs to be addressed.
“Reports” (3rd option at the top of the homepage)- this is where you can pull reports that can be run as PDF, excel, etc.
The report that will likely be most helpful to you is the “Time and Attendance” report.

-Click “Reports” on the homepage.

-Click “Time and Attendance.”

-On “Claim Type,” select “All Active Claims.”

-On “Date Range,” you can either select a specific date range, or current month, week, etc.

-On “Sort 1,” select “Service Date.”

-Click “Run Report.” The same screen will pop up, with a new blue box on the right to view your reports.

-This sometimes takes a little bit. Select your report and click [refresh] to try to move it along quicker.

-When it’s ready, you can print, download, e-mail, whatever you need to do with it for your records.

These three things should help you tremendously in monitoring your workers’ times and authorized units, but please
don’t hesitate to call, email, or set up a time to receive in-person assistance.

Good luck to you!



HELP!  I'VE GOT ACCESS....NOW WHAT?           

I know- you’ve logged in for the first time, and are overwhelmed with all the empty fields and options. Don’t worry- you
can’t hurt anything, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be looking up reports for yourself left and right.
While we’ll be happy to assist you in navigating through the AuthentiCare system, here are a few pointers
to get you started:

***Note: you cannot make any adjustments yourself. You still must submit changes to your designated program coordinator.