Putting the Pieces Together 

A Life Patterns, Inc. conference on supporting individuals

with a disability and their families

 Saturday, March 31st, 2018 

Registration: 8:30am :: Conference: 9am - 4pm 

Maner Conference Center 

Capitol Plaza Hotel & Convention Center

1717 SW Topeka Blvd  Topeka, Kansas 66612

For Registration information please contact Life Patterns, Inc.

(785)273-7189 or Teri@lifepatternsks.org

"Putting the Pieces Together"


:: Keynote Speaker ::

Kathie Snow, San Antonio, TX 

“Disability is Natural”

Motivating, Inspiring, Life-Changing

“Yes, like gender, ethnicity, and other  traits, disability is one of many natural  characteristics of being human!  What can  happen when we deconstruct disability,  use People First Language, and focus on  people’s strengths and abilities? Our  attitudes drive our actions, and awesome  change is possible when we think and  talk differently!” 

-Kathie Snow

:: Breakout Sessions ::

Karla Goodman, Memphis, TN

“Person Centered Thinking” 

1. Learn how communication can  decrease frustration for everyone and  increase what is important to the person.  2. Identify staff that are best suited to  support a person to help both the person  and staff feel more valued and respected.   

Cindy Miller, Topeka, KS 

“Taking Care of the Caregiver” 

When the caregiver’s needs are met, the  person you are caring for will benefit, too.   

Kathie Snow, San Antonio, TX 

“Living Real Lives and Dreaming  Big Dreams” 

When Children and adults with  disabilities have important tools for  success they can enjoy self-directed lives,  be included in their communities, and  live the lives of their dreams.   

Patty & Doug Gerdel, Topeka, KS 

“Where in the world are the WALDOS?”  Where are the people to hire, and how do  you find the right ones? How do you trust  someone to provide the standard of care  that the family has been providing?