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In 1998 Life Patterns was awarded a Limited License to provide services to their son Keith and his friend Joel. Doug and Patty have assisted several family's with their process involved in getting a Limited License.

Keith Gerdel and Joel Goodrich are friends. They both grew up with their brothers and sisters and parents, Doug and Patty Gerdel and Dreher and Teri Goodrich. They each had a circle of support that helped them decide where they would live in adulthood. They didn't move to a group home because they didn't want to live with several people that they didn't know and weren't related to. They also wanted to hire their own direct support people.

It would have been much easier to "go with the trends" and have them move into a group home and go to an adult day care program. However, segregated programs were totally unacceptable to Keith and Joel and to the people who care about them. Keith and Joel are both non-verbal. They found ways to let everyone know that they like the freedom of adult life and want the dream of having their own place and experiencing life "outside the programs". 

Although they need 24/hr support. Keith and Joel and their families took risks and faced challenges but always knew they could attain their desired lifestyle. Good "person-centered" planning and the value of friendships were very important in making dreams become reality.   

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