Please express to the Direct Support Worker(s) that the following are their job and responsibility:

  • to make sure he/she clocks in accurately. 
  • to keep track of their hours they have worked. So that they do not go over their allowed amount of hours per day/week/month.
  • to ONLY be clocked in when they are actually with the Individual and giving them care. Individual MUST BE physically present in the Worker's care.
  • If they forgot or had troubles clocking in. They can call Life Patterns to check ONLY. But ALL changes/corrections must come from Individual or Guardian/Parent.

​All Individuals/Families and Direct Support Workers are required to use Authenticare to clock in/out.

What is Kansas Authenticare?

Authenticare is Electronic Visit and Verification Solution (EVV) for automated scheduling, time/attendance tracking and claim submission.

Authenticare Instructions on HOW TO CLOCK IN/OUT                         Authenticare Instructions for the Mobile App

                             IDD waiver                                                                           AuthentiCare 2.0 App                      

​                             TBI waiver

                             PD waiver


                             AU waiver 


                             TA waiver

                             FE waiver

Employment / Time Reporting Policies

                 ***Time Changes must be made by Employer (Designated Representative) NOT the WORKER

​​​​SERVICES and INSTRUCTIONSfor Kansas Authenticare system